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Laboratory Communications with MediBRIDGE

MediBridge is a safe and secure electronic transport service for Laboratory and other types of Healthcare Information.

All activities are logged

MediBRIDGE keeps track of all sent and received messages

Full Audit Trail

All sent messages are stored in the MediBRIDGE database in the original encrypted format

Error Correction

Users can easily reprocess any message from the MediBRIDGE Database

Data is encrypted

The transmission Data uses RPK architecture which produces a  fast, secure, flexible encryption.


Transmission Process

All Laboratory data transmissions are delivered through the securely encrypted MediBRIDGE electronic interchange service. Information is encrypted using a PKI infrastructure. Request and result files are downloaded from the MediBRIDGE server to the client’s workstation where they are decrypted and available for viewing or printing by authorised users.

DMF Systems MediBRIDGE Suite


LIS 2 LIS, Sample Tracking, Laboratory Results Reporting, and 2D barcode Requesting are premier LIS software applications that optimise productivity in Laboratory operations. The suite provides flexible patient and management reporting, specimen tracking, full multi-site integration, and more.


30 Sites

2D Barcode Requesting


36 Sites

Laboratory Results Reporting


5 Sites

Sample Tracking And Archiving Result Solution for Laboratories.

Lis 2 Lis

33 Sites

Laboratory Information Systems

MediBRIDGE suite

Multi-disciplinary uses

MediBRIDGE focuses on the optimisation of  Laboratory operations. It is used in Virology, Histology (Anatomical and Cellular Pathology), Veterinary, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, Microbiology (Bacteriology), Cytology, Serology, Immunology and many other Medical Laboratory disciplines.


Nationwide Sites

+20 Million

Transmissions in 2019


Laboratory Results Reporting Sites


LIS 2 LIS Sites

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