Sample Tracking and Archiving Results Solution

Laboratory Sample Tracking and Results Archiving Solution (STARS)

STARS is a Lab Sample Tracking and Results Archiving Solution. With STARS, laboratory scientists and technicians are able to simplify the management of the storing and retrieving of lab samples. Once implemented, the missing referred specimens scenario is eliminated from the lab.  STARS was designed to overcome problems associated with accessing stored or archived samples. STARS is part of the MediBRIDGE suite of lab integration solutions


Full chain of custody records from packaging to shipment and receipt of samples at destination.


Electronic Proof of Delivery notifications.


More efficient recording than manual methods.

Barcode Reading

Supports a variety of handheld barcode scanners.

Full Audit Trail

Errors are flagged with visible and audible alarms.

ISO Accredited

STARS supports the attainment of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

STARS Key Features

Enables users to effortlessly track, transmit and archive samples between laboratories. STARS lab sample tracking assures custody. Sample shipments can be tracked, validated and users informed when their samples are received and when confirming results.


Track samples movement to external referral labs.


Trace specimens located within your lab.


Match shipped samples to requests from your lab.


Archive samples to offsite storage.

Security And Audit Features

Users can easily generate reports with STARS. All activities are electronically audited and confirmed, resulting in greater lab efficiency. STARS eliminates mislaid samples, sample custody issues and proves delivery.


User ID and Password access protection.


Full scanning error history.


Sample movements audit trail.


Multi-level access profiles supporting System administrator, Super-user, routine users.


Full scan logs for samples, modifications, and creation of trays, boxes and fridges.

Data Entry

Optionally restrict data entry by barcode reader.

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