GeneCIS eDischarge and ePrescription

Streamlining the Patient Discharge Process with eDischarge and ePrescription in Mayo University Hospital

About Mayo University Hospital

Mayo University Hospital (MUH) is a 300 bed Model 3 acute hospital with five directorates incorporating Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, Gerontology, Acute Medicine and noninvasive cardiologyThe hospital has in excess of 37,000 Emergency Department attendances and more than 9,000 inpatient discharges each year. MUH is part of the Saolta University Health Care Group. 

The Challenge

Mayo University Hospital is dedicated to delivering high quality patient-centred services and patient safety is a key priorityThe hospital was looking for an electronic discharge and prescription solution to streamline patient care and communication upon discharge and help to enhance patient safety over and above paper-based discharge summaries and prescriptions 

The handover of patient care from the hospital back to the G.P has been identified in many studies as a time where, unfortunately there may be a potential risk to patient safety. Where Adverse drug events have been analysed for exampleMedication errors are found to be a key contributor to the occurrence of theseOne of the reasons these occur is as a result of inadequate medication reconciliation at the point of patient discharge. 

Mayo University Hospital sought a solution that could deliver complete and accurate records of care at patient discharge including the need for a complete and accurate list of medications on discharge along with the facility to record all changes to medication during the patient’s inpatient stayThe eDischarge project team wanted a proven solution that was easy to use with the minimal training requirements to help promote instant and widespread adoption by users across the hospital. 

The Solution for Streamlining Patient Discharge Summaries and Electronic Prescriptions

After researching available solutions, DMF Systems were chosen to supply GeneCIS eDischarge and ePrescription – their web based electronic discharge summary and electronic prescription solutions. The project team were impressed after viewing demonstrations of the solutions and were confident in the capabilities of DMF Systems given its footprint of successfully deploying clinical solutions and good track record of multi vendor system integrations.  

Fully integrated with the Hospital PAS, GeneCIS eDischarge and ePrescription provide authorised Clinicians and Users working in Mayo University Hospital with a user-friendly solution for managing the hospital discharge processThe GeneCIS eDischarge solution is compliant with the HIQA national standard for patient discharge summaries which details the specific information that needs to be included on a patient discharge summary. The format of capturing and recording data in eDischarge enforces these data standards and ensures accuracy in the patient discharge summary. Once validated, the discharge summary is automatically sent electronically to the patients G.P. 

All information relating to the patients episode of care is recorded and saved, resulting in a more efficient, safer and fully traceable discharge of the patient. In the event a patient is readmitted, previous admission history is readily available.  

The ePrescription module offers a further enhancement to the eDischarge workflow process as the prescription is prepared automatically at discharge using the reconciled and updated medication list ready for validation without the need for additional transcription. 


Since deploying eDischarge and ePrescription, Mayo University Hospital has the ability to: 

Quickly communicate patient discharge summary information between secondary and primary care. 

Create electronic prescriptions to reduce transcription and legibility issues. 

Efficiently meet HIQA national standards for patient discharge summaries. 

Secure confidential patient information by limiting access to authorised users only.  

Automatically send validated discharge summaries to the patient’s GP. 

Conveniently access previous episodes of patient care in the event of patient readmission. 

Reduce patient safety risks associated with delayed patient discharge communication. 

GeneCIS ePrescription and eDischarge have vastly improved the legibility of discharge prescriptions at Mayo University Hospital. Since implementing eDischarge, we have ongoing access to better discharge records across the hospital. The templating capabilities of ePrescription provides a systematic approach to prescribing and reduces the risk of error. Overall, GeneCIS ePrescription and eDischarge facilitates our adherence to principles of good clinical governance and supports the provision of safer patient care.
John Kelly
Senior Pharmacist
Mayo University Hospital

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