Laboratory Integration



Integrated Pathology Communications Manager software (iPCM).

Lis2Lis is the ‘Integration’ suite of software provided in conjunction with iPCM. The iPCM software has been developed to enable the secure electronic interchange between Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Practise Management Systems (PMS) or Occupational Health Systems (OHS).

No Data Entry

Requests are captured in the LIS

Results in Hospital LIS

These messages are delivered to the LIS, PMS or OHS system for incorporation of the result into the correct patient file.

Two-way communication

Bi-Directional Interface facilitates two-way communication.

End to End Notification

The transmission Data uses RPK architecture which produces a  fast, secure, flexible encryption.

Historical Analysis

MediBRIDGE keeps track of all messages sent and messages received

Consistent Demographics

All sent messages are stored in the MediBRIDGE database in the original encrypted format


Users can easily audit any message from the Lis2Lis Database


The results messages are available in HL7 and/or in ASTM format

Lis 2 Lis

Transmission Process

iPCM enables clients to electronically request tests, on their respective systems. Requests are then transmitted through the MediBRIDGE interchange to the referral LIS. Once the specimens arrive and are analysed, the results are transmitted back, through the MediBRIDGE interchange. The iPCM software automatically validates the results and creates a standard result message.


MediBRIDGE suite

Multi-disciplinary uses

MediBridge provides a safe and secure electronic transport service for all types of Health Care Information. The Medibridge suite of products, including LIS to LIS,  Sample Tracking (STARS), Laboratory Results Reporting (LRR) and 2D Barcode Requesting has Multi-disciplinary applications.


23 Sites

2D Barcode Requesting


41 Sites

Laboratory Results Reporting


5 Sites

Sample Tracking And Archiving Result Solution for Laboratories.


44 Sites

Laboratory Communications

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