Admissions, Discharges and Transfers (ADT)

DMF Systems ADT Solution is an effective user interface that provides a simple-to-use facility to manage patient pre-admissions, Admissions, Discharges and Transfers.

Provides for the electronic patient record.

Streamlines reports, labels and letter production.

Converts pre-admission to an admission with the click of a mouse.

Produces admission documentation, letters, and labels when required.

Includes the facility to record a planned procedure.

Fully integrated with all DMF Products including Patient Billing, Scheduling and Bed Management.

Defaulted length of stay based on speciality/procedure.

Secure electronic view and access.

Generates the statistical and operational report.

Manages admissions, discharges, transfers and re-admissions.

Supports the creation and management of the shared Hospital Master Patient Index.


Simple to use application for the planning and managing of Bed Occupancy. User-friendly colour coded grid, which displays the status of each individual bed on a particular day. User configurable to allow for the addition and removal and temporary closure of a floor, ward, room or a bed. Quickly and effectively search for an available bed by date, by consultant, by ward and by bed type and is also able to transfer or discharge a patient. Fully integrated with the hospital information system and our ADT software. The client-server software is available in all hospital wards.


Billing System

Our Electronic Billing System saves a lot of time and money due to the elimination of paper and human errors as a result of correction amendments which are prompted by our software. Invoices across all departments are much more manageable and secure which saves time and money and increases the productivity of the hospital and/or clinic in question.

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