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2D Barcode Requesting supports all Laboratory disciplines

The 2D Barcode Requesting application allows referring laboratories to print a single page 2D Barcode Request form. This is then sent along with the sample to a referral laboratory. This supports all disciplines such as Haematology, Biochemistry, Immunology and Microbiology.

Improves Patient Safety

No requirement for manual data entry which eliminates errors.

Greater Efficiency

Automated process saves Medical staff time.

Larger sample collections

Speed of process makes 2D barcode scanning ideal for large sample collection.

2D Barcoding Requesting


With 2D Barcode Requesting the receiver of the samples can simply scan the barcode. This automatically inputs the patient demographics, test requests and profiles into their Laboratory Information System (LIS) with no manual data entry requirements.
2D Barcode Requesting is compatible with all of our Laboratory communications suite of applications.


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DMF Systems have developed a comprehensive suite of software which is focused on optimising laboratory operations. Our Laboratory communication software is used in 44 sites and is responsible for +19 million total transmissions of request and results per year.


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