3rd Party Integration

Cost-Effective integration with existing systems.

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3rd Party Integration

GeneCIS Clinical Portal

3rd party vendors have invested heavily in delivering browser-based result reporting and web-based GUI’s. Hospital users are trained and familiar with the systems they need to access. Why reinvent and lose all this investment when delivering a fully functional clinical portal?

DMF Systems approach is to develop a connection model that integrates with the 3rd party’s presentation layer. It’s key to work with the 3rd party so that when we provide the specific identifiers for the patient and/ or identifiers for a specific episode of care that the 3rd party system will present the patient record in context.

Key Benefits

Ease of Access

Multi-party product view is provided through creative 3rd party integration which supports unobtrusive access to web applications and delivers optimum clinician views.

Saves Time

Single source for data saves data transcription and errors and delivers the security of the most up-to-date correct clinical information delivery.

Enhances Patient Safety

An HL7 messaging layer acts as a buffer between the cloud and core systems, meaning no third-party is getting direct access to data.

Faster Access

Streamlined access to patient medical history for emergency department clinicians

Better communication

Synchronises communication between patient and medical staff which improves the overall quality of care.

Improved workflow

Medical staff can instantly access patients medical records.

3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Integration | GeneCIS Patient results - Online and On time

3rd Party Integration

The 3rd Party integration product is a module of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal or can be supplied as a standalone service.

It can be configured for multiple hospitals; each hospital having its own view of the data. As it is also a web-based product, it can be accessed from anywhere, from any device with a functioning Internet browser.

The impact of GeneCIS has been huge. It’s a real advance in term of patients management, it reduces the duplication of work and facilitates better communication with GP’s.

Dr. Marie Therese Cooney
Consultant AMU
St. Vincent’s University Hospital

[Download] GeneCIS feature sheet

Learn more about the benefits of each module of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal.

GeneCIS facilitates the entire patient journey from the appointment referral through to the Patient Discharge Summary

eReferrals- Multi Speciality electronic referral system
Clinical Summaries- Safely record and communicate clinical notes between Clinical teams
MediViewer- Patient Results Online On time
eDischarge- Web-based Electronic Discharge Summary Solution
ePrescription- Reducing Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events
3rd Party Integration- Cost effective integration with existing systems

Download the GeneCIS Feature Sheet

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