GeneCIS Clinical Portal

Improving efficiency and patient safety in the Acute Medical Unit (AMU) at St.Vincent's University Hospital

Executive Summary

GeneCIS Clinical Summaries is a component of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal, our fully integrated solution that communicates the entire patient journey from Referral right through to Discharge.

Clinicians in the Acute Medical Unit require a safe, auditable and secure platform to record and track vital follow-up information for patients that are being discharged. A secure, auditable system that supports the workflow of clinicians in a fast-paced clinical environment is essential. Ease of use and ease of access are paramount to ensure the successful clinical adoption in the Acute Medical Unit.


In the past, Clinicians were recording the patients follow up care information on a shared excel spreadsheet. There were numerous risks around this process, including

*Spreadsheet may be locked for editing by another user.

*Information was not accurately recorded or task-oriented due to the absence of data capture guidance.

*No audit trail showing changes made and by whom.

How GeneCIS Clinical Summaries helped in the AMU

When a Clinician decides that follow up care is required for a Patient, they document this in the GeneCIS Clinical Summaries application. Details of the follow up care plan are captured along with valuable notes on the patients care which supports and enhances the Clinicians existing workflow. Important dates- such as when a procedure needs to be scheduled, results need to be checked and updates on patient progress are all easily recorded and available to authorised users for review. From within GeneCIS Clinical Summaries authorised users can view the patients Laboratory results, Radiology images, Digital dictations and Scanned documents etc by simply clicking the relevant icon.

The impact of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal has been huge…its a real advance in terms of patient management, it reduces the duplication of work and facilitates better communication with GP’s.

Dr. Marie Therese Cooney
Consultant AMU

AMU Virtual Rounds

List of all patients that are scheduled for follow up care are grouped and can be viewed by users participating in a virtual round. Patient progress updates are all captured in the system in line with the care pathway, which greatly assists in tracking the patient journey and adherence to the care pathway. With the tracking of the patient care pathway, the patient may go home to await follow up actions where appropriate. The users record the number of inpatient days saved in the system. This saving is of significant value to all stakeholders including the hospital management team. Once the patient’s follow-up care is complete an addendum for the eDischarge summary is created. The original discharge letter along with the addendum is sent to the GP via HL7 message.

Patient Education

Hot lists and linked documents are incorporated into clinical summaries to support and enable Clinicians in providing patient education leaflets. GeneCIS Clinical Summaries supports the management of tailored documents pertaining to the patient’s particular ailment.

The deployment of GeneCIS Clinical Summaries in the Acute Medical Unit has transformed the way the Clinical team work and how they communicate and audit the care pathway delivery. The efficiencies achieved include faster patient turnaround, less admissions, better communication with Community Care GP’s and savings in bed utilisation.

-Niall Berwick

 Senior Program Manager

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