Laboratory Communications

Lab Results Reporting
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Laboratory Results Reporting (LRRv4)

A convenient and secure way to access, view and print Laboratory results from any browser-based PC in the hospital.

Most hospitals require multi-user access to patients’ test results at speciality clinics located around the hospital. Laboratory Results Reporting (LRRv4) addresses this requirement by providing multi-user access to Laboratory results on all web-enabled PC’s.

Patient Information

Search easily for patients by MRN, Surname, First name, Lab, Specimen, Request Number or DOB.

Patient History

Access current and historical patient result information, which is held locally on your server or workstation


Open software solution manages your results from all the main referral laboratories in Ireland.


Once integrated results are also available on 3rd Party systems.

Test Results

Result displays include detailed test results with individualised reference ranges.

Quick Assessment

Abnormal results are highlighted for quick assessment and trends in patient’s tests are monitored over time.

Easily Deployed

LRRv4 is a web-based application so is easily deployed with minimal involvement from the ICT department


LRRv4 provides multi-user access to laboratory results on all web-enabled PC’s.

Lab Results Requesting


Clients electronically request tests, on their respective systems, requests are then transmitted through the MediBridge interchange to the referral LIS. Once the specimens arrive and are analysed, the results are transmitted back, through the MediBridge interchange. Open software solution manages your results from the main referral Laboratories in Ireland, including The National Virus Reference Laboratory, CPL (St. James’s Hospital) and Blackrock Clinic. The base component for PCM is Laboratory Results Reporting (LRRv4).

DMF Systems

Laboratory Communications

DMF Systems have developed a comprehensive suite of laboratory information software which is focussed on optimising laboratory operations. Currently, DMF Systems Laboratory communication software is used in 44 sites producing in excess of 19 million total transmissions of request and results per year.


23 Sites

2D Barcode Requesting


44 Sites

Laboratory Communications


5 Sites

Sample Tracking And Archiving Result Solution for Laboratories.

Lis 2 Lis

28 Sites

Laboratory Information Systems

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