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Looking for patient’s results in different systems, with different logins and searches, in different departments creates frustration and wastes clinical time.

DMF Systems MediViewer provides easy access to diagnostic results (Cardiology, Laboratory, Radiology etc) for a patient at any time on any device. MediViewer is a module of the GeneCIS suite.

Benefits of MediViewer

MediViewer for patients, clinicians, GP’s and doctors for online, timely results

Time efficient

The ability to access patient files via a web-based single login portal ensures Clinicians save valuable time and facilitates more efficient healthcare delivery.

High rates of user adoption

The simple interface has been designed in conjunction with healthcare professionals.

Safe and Secure

Mediviewer provides a safe and secure means of displaying inpatient and outpatient results that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Efficient and effective integrated care

Patient information can be shared appropriately across multiple care providers.

Mediviewer |GenecisEasy access to medical records


Key Features

  • Significantly improves the clinicians’ experience by making critical documents easier to locate.
  • Comprehensive audit features.
  • End to end tracking of patient records and documentation.
  • A simple but elegant interface that is intuitive, capable of use on any device (Workstation, Tablet or Mobile).
  • Safe and Secure.

”Initially there was a faster take-up by GP’s but more recently the usage is now about 50/50 between GP’s and Consultants from the length and breadth of the country and even in other hospitals. We now have in excess of 250 users and feedback has been extremely positive” 


John Hayes,
Head of IT,
Blackrock Clinic.

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