Multi-Speciality electronic patient referral system.

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Patient Electronic Referrals

Genecis Clinical Portal

eReferrals software – a module of GeneCIS facilitates the Patient electronic referral processes between Hospitals & referring doctors. Patients can be referred internally and externally for Consultations, Tests, Examinations, Diagnostic Procedures & Minor Surgeries…  via the Patient eReferrals software solution. The referring doctor can either refer the patient directly onto the consultants work list or through admissions, depending on the requirements.

The consultant later reviews the referral and either accepts or rejects each referral. Appointments for accepted eReferrals are booked in the hospital and details are sent to the patient. Alternatively, the referring doctor has access to the consultant’s diaries and can book an appointment directly for the patient from their surgery through GeneCIS eReferrals . The patient is given the appointment details in the GP’s surgery. eReferrals software is the cornerstone of E-Health.

Key Benefits of eReferrals

Faster Scheduling

Referrals are created at the point of care. Referrals are queued for the delivery teams. Acceptance and scheduling of care delivery are managed and communicated immediately to the referring clinician.

Better Communication

Improves communication across the care delivery system (Primary and Community Care, Secondary care, Tertiary Care etc).

Improved quality of Care

Significant improvements in follow-up care coordination through the creation of accurate and timely referrals.

Audit of Referral time

The comprehensive audit of referral wait-time is facilitated by the system.

Quality of Data

Greater control over quality of data provided through the delivery of electronic referral templates

Promotes staff efficiency

Enables a higher referral volume which can be managed by a smaller number of staff.

Reduces Did Not Attend’s

Patient Tracking and follow-up results in reduced DNA’s.

Enhanced Timeliness

Improves Timeliness through simplified referral management.

Quick and easy

Standard, predictable and monitored referral process.

eReferrals | GeneCISMulti Specialty Patient Electronic Referral system

Key Features of eReferrals

  • Configurable rules-based guidelines
  • Access to patient information and national guidance
  • Facilitates integration with GP PMS supporting Pre-Populating Patient Demographics
  • Tools to support integration with Hospital’s Master Patient Index
  • Integrates with Choose and Book (UK)
  • Customisable Guideline Templates
  • Referral Process/Status Tracking and Existing Detailed Reporting Suite
  • N3 Gateway Connectivity (UK)
  • Easy Customised Report Generation and Full Remote and Onsite Support

The impact of GeneCIS has been huge. It’s a real advance in term of patients management, it reduces the duplication of work and facilitates better communication with GP’s.

Dr. Marie Therese Cooney
Consultant AMU
St. Vincent’s University Hospital

[Download] GeneCIS feature sheet

Learn more about the benefits of each module of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal.

GeneCIS facilitates the entire patient journey from the appointment referral through to the Patient Discharge Summary

eReferrals- Multi Speciality electronic referral system
Clinical Summaries- Safely record and communicate clinical notes between Clinical teams
MediViewer- Patient Results Online On time
eDischarge- Web-based Electronic Discharge Summary Solution
ePrescription- Reducing Medication Errors and Adverse Drug Events
3rd Party Integration- Cost effective integration with existing systems

Download the GeneCIS Feature Sheet

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