MediBRIDGE Footprint In Ireland

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The safe and secure electronic transport service for Laboratory and other types of healthcare information is now installed in 45 Hospitals and Healthcare institutions across Ireland. Take a closer look at the infographic below which details the MediBRIDGE footprint across Ireland and the list of Referral labs and their connected sites where the MediBRIDGE solution is deployed.


MediBRIDGE Infographic


In Today’s environment, the end to end electronic transmission of test requests and results is considered best practice and is in line with GDPR encryption and ISO 15189 (CLAUSE 5.10) requirements. MediBRIDGE Lis2Lis fully addresses this requirement. The business case for  the MediBRIDGE Lis2Lis interface includes:

A secure, fully traceable, electronic transfer of patient results

Significantly reduced Turn Around Time from the collection of patient sample to the result availability in both the LIMS and the electronic patient chart

A controlled, validated, proven electronic system in compliance with GDRP and ISO 15189 standards

A workflow that offers secure, restricted access to patient results where conventional mail/fax is avoided

A system that safeguards patient results form potential tampering or loss

A system maintained in a manner that ensures the integrity of the data and information and allows  the recording of system failures and the appropriate immediate and corrective actions.

To fine out more about the full range of MediBRIDGE solutions please click the link below



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