NOCA Annual Conference 2019

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We’re looking forward to attending the NOCA – Annual Conference tomorrow, Wednesday 6th February 2019 in the RCSI, Dublin.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘Connected Healthcare’ with a focus on the importance of working collaboratively to enhance patient care.

Developing patient centered solutions is at the core of DMF Systems values. We achieve this  by working closely with our clients to develop solutions that will not only improve patient outcomes but will more acutely match the business case.

DMF systems are proud partners with NOCA for the delivery of the National ICU Audit to 22 hospitals across Ireland through the development and implementation of InfoFlex. The National ICU Audit is a quality and patient safety initiative that measures the quality of care in each ICU, benchmarking against national and  international standards.

“National ICU Audit has brought huge benefits to those hospitals where it is live. We are working to complete implementation to all of the 22 hospitals and on a National Database, which will allow national reporting on the full Irish National Audit data set”.

Mary Baggot, NOCA National ICU Audit Manager

Please see the case study on how DMF Systems partnered with NOCA to deliver the National ICU Audit in Ireland using InfoFlex.


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