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Clinical Summaries

Genecis Clinical Platform

During a period of care, a patient may be treated by a number of health-care practitioners and specialists in multiple settings. This may include emergency care, AMU, surgical care, intensive care, and rehabilitation. Patients will often move between areas of diagnosis, treatment, and care on a regular basis. This introduces a safety risk to the patient at each interval. The accuracy of care handover is vital for all medical staff involved in treatment of the patient. It is paramount that all patient treatment details are carefully transferred from one care provider to another.

DMF Systems’ Clinical Summaries considerably improves both the expediency of the handover of care and aids in the reduction of interpretation errors. Clinical Summaries is a module of GENECIS

Clinical Summaries enables teams of doctors to view their specific patient’s lists. These patients’ lists are updated automatically from the hospital PAS system, which provides a real-time account of each patient’s location.

Benefits of Clinical Summaries

Clinical Summaries helps Nurses, Specialists and Patients

Point-of-care recording

Clinical interventions are recorded at the point of care.

Records medical issues

Active medical problems at discharge are recorded.

Improved Follow-up

The requirement for Follow-up care can be indicated.

Records Allergies

Includes the facility to capture allergies and adverse reactions.

Key Information

Provides key information on  Admission diagnosis, care delivery, discharge outcome and follow-up.

Information on medication

Medication on discharge, ceased medication and medication reconciliation are all provided for.

Patient History

All previous summaries are available for the clinician when the patient presents.

Helps in investigation

Pertinent normal and abnormal findings and physical examination details are recorded.

Helps in investigation

Integrated access to diagnostic results is facilitated and streamlined.

E-Summary | GenecisFacilitating The Communication Of Clinical Notes

Clinical Summaries

Key Features

  • Reduces the length of stay and improves the timeliness of care handover.
  • Team-specific patient lists are freely accessible to authorised parties.
  • All patient information is stored on the PAS system.
  • Significantly reduces errors in transcribing patient information during the handover of care between shifts.
  • Safe and secure – management and documentation of follow up clinical actions post-discharge are recorded and monitored.
  • Patient information is accessed in real time at any location
  • Accessible on a computer, laptop or tablet to authorised users on the hospital network

The impact of GENECIS has been huge. It’s a real advance in term of patients management, it reduces the duplication of work and facilitates better communication with GP’s.

Dr.Marie Therese Cooney
Consultant AMU
St.Vincents University Hospital

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