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Patient Identification overview

DMF System’s Patient Identification system links to any Hospital Patient Administration System (PAS). Once Patient Identification is deployed, wristband printing becomes a fully automated process which implements hospital printing rules seamlessly. As patients are admitted to the hospital the patient wristband automatically prints to the required location in the hospital. The solution includes a user-friendly Wristband Reprint application which allows for the reprinting of Patient wristbands as necessary to all required admission areas and ward locations within the Hospital.


Key Features of Patient Identification

DMF Systems Patient Identification solution is fully integrated with other clinical and departmental applications.

Fully automated facility which is compatible with any Hospital PAS.

User-friendly software which requires minimal training.

A proven system which delivers in a 24x7x365 environment.

Easily search for Patient by Surname, DOB or Patient number where Wristband reprints are required.

Instant integration- once admission is complete the wristband is available.

Facility to manage print locations around the hospital.

Facility to manage printing rules – e.g Out of Hours printing, Wristband size (Infant, Child or Adult), Wristband Colour – based on selected clinical criteria.

How Patient Identification works

DMF Systems integration experience has supported the installation of the Wristband software on numerous PAS systems (including iPM, Clinicom and others). Once integrated; the Patient ID system can access key data such as patient demographics (Surname, First name, DOB etc..), Hospital admission ward, Specialty Department and further clinical details about the patient to determine the type of wristband to print ie. Infant, Child, Adult or special indicators/wristband colours designating clinical risks (falls risk, etc).

Once connected to the Hospital PAS, the  Patient ID System is designed to automatically print ‘Real-time’, barcoded wristbands on designated printers around the Hospital. Printers may be located at Admissions, in the Emergency Department, in Day Wards or at any other specialty wards or clinics in the Hospital.

In operation, the system utilises a rules engine to interpret and implement the protocols agreed upon by the hospital, including the incorporation of different bar-coded data (Matrix or Linear) and human readable data. Rules and protocols are configured by the the system administrator.

Protocols may also include out of hours admissions, holidays for location management.  Age or clinical criteria related rules for wristband sizes (i.e. infants, children or adult).

Other clinical criteria may also be configured to support designating the wristband colour.


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