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Paper-based Discharge summaries are often illegible, incomplete or received too late for the information to be considered clinically useful. GeneCIS eDischarge (Electronic Discharge summaries) is designed to address these deficiencies. It improves the continuity of care, communication and accuracy of data in discharge summaries. eDischarge enables clinicians to rapidly record all diagnoses, treatments & medications at the point of care. eDischarge  is a module of the GeneCIS Clinical Portal

GeneCIS eDischarge uses a simple wizard data capture format that ensures accuracy and enforces data standards. Consultants can review and approve Discharge summaries even after the patient has left the hospital or during a consultation. If the consultant sees any omissions or errors, these can be added or corrected to the updated summary field and sent electronically to the patients GP instantaneously on approval.

Benefits of eDischarge


Minimum training required as the system is simple and intuitive.

Patient Safety

Handover of care between the Hospital Clinician and the GP is better managed and safer.

Greater Accuracy

eDischarge delivers complete and accurate records of care at discharge.

Greater Accessibility

The creation of an instantly accessible record of care, available on all workstations to authenticated users

Patient History

If patients are re-readmitted or attend ED out of hours, previous admission history is available.

Improved patient care

Where Patients are referred between Secondary and Tertiary Care, care delivery details are available to the attending clinician.

Faster and cheaper

The Discharge letter when approved is immediately sent to the GP in an HL7 format (or via eMail).

Ease of implementation

Zero footprint on a PC, tablet or PDA means hospital-wide deployment is simple & secure.

Patient Information

Information is available and shareable between care providers across the care delivery system.

E-Discharge Summary|GenecisWeb-based Electronic Discharge Summary Solution.

Key features of eDischarge

  • GeneCIS eDischarge is a foundation of the EHR.
  • All patient information is stored on PAS system.
  • Patient Information is updated automatically.
  • Patient information is accessed in real time at any location.
  • Password protected Authentication (Secure).
  • Accessible on a computer, laptop and tablet.
  • Provides key information on Diagnosis, allergies,
    treatment, procedures, complications etc..

GeneCIS eDischarge has been a great success. Its acceptance by medical staff and admin has been excellent simply because it makes their job easier and also offer clear benefits to our patients whether discharged or readmitted. The project had the full support of the records committee, clinical directors, consultant and management team.

Martin Molloy
IS Manager
HSE West

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