eDischarge Summaries -The Web-based Electronic Discharge Summary Solution

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A National Patient Safety Goal, identified by HIQA and the Joint Commission, is the performance of Medication reconciliation. eDischarge summaries facilitates Medication reconciliation at admission with ease.

DMF systems HIQA compliant eDischarge summaries and ePrescription modules, integrated with the IPU Drug database, reduces medication errors. In conjunction with the capture and display of allergy information it also reduces adverse drugs events, hospital re-admissions. Patient Discharge summary are sent to GP’s electronically.

eDischarge delivers efficiencies for Clinicians, for Acute Hospitals and Community care and benefits for the Patients. eDischarge summaries is already deployed in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Galway University Hospitals, Galway Acute Mental Health Unit, Mayo University Hospital, Roscommon University Hospital, Portiuncula University Hospital. Being rolled out to the Mater Private Hospital, St. Luke’s General Hospital, Kilkenny, Wexford General Hospital and the Regional Hospital Mullingar.


Web-Based Electronic Discharge Summary Solution


Paper-based discharge summaries are often illegible, incomplete or received too late for the information to be considered clinically useful. eDischarge summaries addresses known deficiencies and improves the continuity of care communication and accuracy of data in discharge summaries.

eDischarge summaries enables doctors to record diagnoses, treatments, medications etc. at the point-of-care. The system is user-friendly; the format for data capture ensures accuracy and enforces data standards. Consultants may review and approve discharge summaries at any time or during team meetings. Should the consultant identify issues, these may be updated or corrected. Updated summaries may be sent electronically to the community and the patients GP.


    • To provide comprehensive information and instructions to the patient at the time of discharge.
    • To provide a more legible concise and comprehensive discharge summary for the patients GP in a timely manner.
    • To provide on-line access to Discharge Summary for all Hospital stakeholders, including clinical coding.
    • To standardise the process of gathering the information contained in the discharge summary.
    • To speed up the generation of Discharge summary through automation.
    • To provide a method of recording patient clinical details.
    • To provide easier and faster access to patient discharge and follow up information.
    • To ensure that data is validated which leads to more accurate Discharge Summary.


    • If patients are re-admitted, all previous summary history is available; – GENECIS Discharge is a foundation for your EHR.
    • Minimum training is required as system is user friendly ,simple and intuitive by design.
    • The delivery of complete and accurate record of care at discharge.
    • Medication management functionality reduces prescription errors and re-admission rates.
    • The discharge letter when validated is immediately sent to the GP via email or in a HL7 format.
    • Zero footprint on local PC’s, tablet or PDA means hospital wide deployment is simple and secure.

Application Functionality

    • eDischarge summaries incorporates a full ADT interface with the Hospital PAS.
    • Includes a comprehensive patient search facility with pre-selection by clinician, ward, team etc.
    • Includes separate panels to record the following information at Discharge-
      • Diagnosis (Primary and Secondary),
      • Chief Complaints,
      • Procedure & Treatments,
      • Clinical Findings and Tests,
      • Infection control,
      • Known Allergies,
      • Medications,
      • Progress & Treatment on Discharge,
    • Medications management panel is configurable for free-text or discrete option utilising a drug database such as the Irish Pharmacy Union (IPU) product file.
    • Hot lists and Search functionality are utilised to return speciality-based Diagnoses, Procedures & Treatments which facilitates accuracy and speedy completion.
    • Users can create/ edit/ print/ reprint and sign-off a Discharge summary for a patient.
    • Extensive use of menus to guide users through the Discharge Summary creation and printing process.
    • The solution supports active directory login; each user has their own log in credentials to access the system.
    • The solution allows for different user level permissions and access according to user roles within the hospital.
    • Users can apply filters to return specific data (e.g list of current in-patients, patients discharged with a letter, patients discharged without a letter).
    • Fully auditable – all searches, additions, changes & deletions, are recorded with the individual users id and may be reported upon as required.
    • Includes the capability to record patient alerts, allergies and infections.
    • Meets all HIQA requirements, all JCI Requirements and is fully GDPR compliant.

What our Clients say?

“EDischarge summaries has been a great success. Its acceptance by medical staff and admin has been excellent simply because it makes their job easier and offer clear benefits to our patients whether discharged or readmitted. The project had the full support of the records committee, clinical directors, consultant and management team”.

Martin Molly

IS Manager
HSE West 

Can my hospital avail of eDischarge on a Software as a Service Model?

Yes. These products are licensed on a SaaS pricing model.

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