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It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of DMF Systems brand new website and Blog. We’re excited to use the new website for improved communication with our customers and the wider health Informatics and eHealth community as a whole.

The site has been designed with you- the User in mind. We have made every effort to simplify the website navigation so it it’s easier for you to find the information you need. This includes a cleaner design with more visual and interactive elements and a more intuitive and consistent site-wide layout.

Our goal is to simplify communication and use the new website as a platform to create meaningful discussion, share industry news and create a repository of insightful information to provide value.

Customer feedback has always played a big role at DMF Systems, as we encourage and listen to customer needs so that we can provide pertinent product updates, enhancements and new developments. As a direct result of customer feedback, we are currently implementing new models of product delivery to make it even easier for clients to take advantage of software improvements and to procure new products. Stay tuned for more information on these new and intuitive models over the coming months.

Our Brand new Blog is also being launched – We plan to use this Blog to share ‘up-to-date’ news and information on a range of matters that are concerned with Health and Health Informatics. We also plan to share our knowledge and expertise; to comment on emerging national and international policies that affect our industry and all of its stakeholders – most importantly the patient.

Connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn so you don’t miss a beat and to join the conversation on social media. We welcome you to our site and invite you to take a look around and provide your feedback! We’d really love to hear from you! Please tell us what you think. Let us know your challenges… were here to help.

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